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    S.P.A.R.K.s - German

    Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge


    Der Originaltext dieser Seite ist englisch. Die Übersetzung erfolgt in der nächsten Zeit nach un nach. Danke!

  • What Are S.P.A.R.K.s?

    SPARKs are clear and inspiring invitations to transform your thinking.

    Sparkling Clarity

    SPARKs are maps for new ways of thinking about things that you may never have considered thinking differently about before. Each new distinction gives you a real chance to change your mind. Changing your mind opens doorways to creative freedoms of movement in your daily life.

    Riding the Roller Coaster

    The process of changing your mind may sometimes feel like riding a roller coaster while old ideas in your mind reorder themselves around your new distinctions. Don't worry. The ride soon comes to an end, and then you step out into a new world where you have more clarity and empowerment to create what you want to create and be the kind of person you want to be.

    Leaving Kansas

    Kansas is flat. I know. I was born there. I left Kansas for broader perspectives. SPARKs do not come from Kansas. SPARKs come from the Muse, from the Bright Principles of Clarity, Possibility, and Love. Reading the SPARKs informs you that something other than Kansas exists. But leaving Kansas only happens when you actually do the Experiments.

    Understanding Your Understanding

    Distinctions dive deeper than your mind. When you notice the inner Ah-hah! experience of getting a new distinction, this is the moment the distinction lands in your energetic body and changes the shape of who you are. It is ecstatic! You can now detect things you could not detect before. The universe automatically conforms to your new shape, and suddenly your circumstances change. Voila! Your life has new possibilities!

    How It Works...

    Download any SPARK you want for free. SPARKs are copyleft open-code thoughtware upgrades, written by Clinton Callahan for the Creative Commons (CC BY SA 4.0 International License). You can even share SPARKs with your circle of friends. One SPARK per week is perfect timing.

    For High Level Fun practice the exercises together during your weekly Possibility Team meeting!

    Each distinction you get builds matrix in your energetic body to hold more consciousness. SPARKs are authentic adulthood initiatory processes from the context of Possibility Management.

  • S.P.A.R.K. Experiments

    No one can experiment for you.

    More interestingly, no one can stop you from experimenting!

    Choose your next SPARK below...



    SPARKs 001 through 178 were translated from English to deutsch by Marion Callahan.

    SPARK095 deutsch

    ENTDECKUNG: In dem Moment, in dem du ernsthaft Selbstmord in Erwägung ziehst, kann dein authentisches Leben beginnen.

    SPARK149 deutsch

    ENTDECKUNG: Angst ist das nütlichste Gefühl für Tiere. Menschen sind Tiere.

    SPARK179 deutsch

    ENTDECKUNG: Du bist bereits für mehr bereit, als du denkst - Übersetzt von Klaus Marten

  • 180 SPARKs and counting!

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    Thanks for experimenting.

    Experimenting builds matrix for holding more consciousness.

    By changing your own shape you change the shape of the morphogenetic field of the human race,

    and in addition, you can generate more yellow stuff!

    Have Fun!